He’s a photographer and an entomologist. 0000009333 00000 n He … for ages. 0000009625 00000 n Check … 0000008537 00000 n I read/ reads a comic. Fahrpläne) The plane fl i es to London every Monday. The Main Differences Explained in 60 Seconds. 0000050343 00000 n Here’s a reading text to help you contrast present simple tense and present continuous tense accompanied with a set of true/false questions in the context of a … 0000058181 00000 n 0000090504 00000 n ��QP�1U�GjTD�����g� �2 P����vYf�������1�ZY�:��}����I � � 0000099787 00000 n 0000094092 00000 n I watch cartoons every day. 0000086002 00000 n 0000052236 00000 n 0000009766 00000 n María _____ (work) for a TV station. 0000021294 00000 n 0000080106 00000 n Examples: I (to take) took a shower, then I (to get dressed) got dressed and (to leave) left . 0000054222 00000 n 0000078330 00000 n What do you want to do? They sleep/ sleeps 5. Grammar Present continuous; Present simple and Present continuous Vocabulary Activities; Weather and seasons Speaking es prEi prxnugr ssies Writing A og bl Vocabulary Activities 1 2.13 Match the photos to these words. 0000009052 00000 n Free interactive exercises to practice online or download as pdf to print. She _____ (have) two daughters. TENSE USAGE : Simple Present Vs Present Continuous PRESENT CONTINUOUS SIMPLE PRESENT •Now •At the moment/at present •This morning/evening e.t.c. 0000047225 00000 n 0000036855 00000 n 4. Notice the words in bold. Answer the following questions . 0000008348 00000 n Doctor Moffett’s favorite bug is the ant. Exercise 3 Choose the present simple or the present continuous. Hurry up! 49,192 Downloads . 2. 0000009860 00000 n Example: I/buy/a new car I have bought a new car 1. 0000008677 00000 n Reading comprehension, grammar, Simple present vs... By rouijel This is an activity designed to deductively teach adult learners how to use the simple present and the present continuous. (Mein Freund malt oft schöne Poster.) 0000076380 00000 n 4. 0000095278 00000 n 0000010283 00000 n 0000015986 00000 n trailer <<500C25D1CD7E488B9A3D0C70818C1370>]/Prev 880455>> startxref 0 %%EOF 988 0 obj <>stream Beispiel: “George _____ basketball every week.” h��VkTSW>� IH.! 0000085202 00000 n 0000008584 00000 n 0000058340 00000 n Itñññs Easy with Kiz Phonics We offer carefully designed phonics worksheets, games, videos and flash cards you will find on our site. Mary/move house 2. In narratives and anecdotes the present simple can be used to highlight an event. 0000055865 00000 n 1.3. feststehende Handlungen (auch in der Zukunft – z.B. 0000083453 00000 n This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share 0000092483 00000 n 0000028545 00000 n 0000008817 00000 n 0000010095 00000 n 0000091697 00000 n 0000009531 00000 n Present Simple and Continuous with a Future Meaning Exercise Present Simple for TIMETABLES The flight leaves at 11 am. the present perfect simple. 0000098540 00000 n … Present Perfect Simple Vs. 0000006079 00000 n Read this article to learn the difference between the present simple (go, eat, drink) and the present continuous (be going, be eating, be drinking). 0000058998 00000 n At the moment she _____ (travel) in the Sahara Desert. Exercises. 0000043698 00000 n 2. 0000013843 00000 n 0000079781 00000 n Present simple vs present continuous – use . 0000052910 00000 n CD1-30 LESSON 1 Simple Present: Affirmative Statements Doctor Bugs Most people don’t like bugs, but Doctor Mark Moffet loves them! 80 Simple preSent: pArt 1 EXPLORE 1 READ the article about Doctor Bugs. 0000009100 00000 n 0000053291 00000 n 0000080776 00000 n 0000010236 00000 n 0000098796 00000 n 0000081231 00000 n 0000084931 00000 n 0000082610 00000 n She's been … in Seoul for five years. Then listen, check and repeat. Everybody (wait) for you. 0000035953 00000 n 3. 0000095036 00000 n 0000076693 00000 n 1. it. 0000092193 00000 n 0000093833 00000 n 0000009954 00000 n He rides Ginger every day. 3. I’m watching a film now. Diese kannst du dir ausdrucken und somit als Vorbereitung für Klassenarbeiten bzw. 0000089404 00000 n (Die Sonne geht im Osten auf.) Compare these two statements: (present simple) I play tennis. 0000013110 00000 n 0000003896 00000 n 0000008910 00000 n Sue/get married 5. Present Simple worksheets and online activities. 0000078542 00000 n 0000008957 00000 n 0000040815 00000 n 0000086376 00000 n 2. You study/studies. 0000077858 00000 n Welcome to ESL Printables , the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc. 0000009147 00000 n Past Simple vs Progressive Fill in only the Past Simple (Simple + Simple) or the Past Progressive (Progressive + Progressive)! 0000024166 00000 n Simple Present Story 1 – Answers A. 0000049272 00000 n Grammatik [PRESENT PERFECT PROGRESSIVE] 3 Das Present perfect progressive mit since und for EXERCISE 1 Read this extract from an application letter carefully. Note: The present continuous used to be known as the present progressive. 0000009719 00000 n This worksheet includes the answer key. Julia is very good at languages. 0000022473 00000 n Present simple use . 1. 'm be c. 've been 3. Everything you need to help a child learn to read through phonics: decodable stories, listening exercises, you name it. Let's go out. 0000079334 00000 n 0000009494 00000 n 0000005977 00000 n 0000058592 00000 n 809 0 obj <> endobj xref 809 180 0000000016 00000 n 0000074843 00000 n Verwendung des Simple Present 1.1. wiederholte Handlungen (regelmäßig, immer, jeden Tag, oft, manchmal oder nie) My friend often draw s nice posters. Listen! 0000076939 00000 n 0000055039 00000 n 0000044439 00000 n Present Continuous & Wh-questions, Present Simple Vs Present Continuous Exercises 1, Speculation About The Past, Present And Future, Resumen Pronostico En Los Negocios - Hanke - Reitsch. In this lesson, students read three stories that use the simple present and present progressive in context. SIMPLE PRESENT Choose the correct answer 1. 0000087491 00000 n 2. This worksheet includes the answer key. Be careful! 0000009907 00000 n %PDF-1.3 %���� Ejercicios y actividades online de Reading comprehension Present Simple -Continuous Past simple Pronouns. 0000048869 00000 n I _____ (stay) in Spain for two weeks this summer. 0000045434 00000 n 0000040970 00000 n I … working in the garden. a. live b. living c. lives 2. 0000077675 00000 n 0000088927 00000 n 0000008070 00000 n 0000008724 00000 n report form. 0000051119 00000 n ;���{�*��ŕ�;�'q��OO���u��T��u�U�+�6|�{�a�����C��� �/~�NV���1��p����Np!����ijg�����U�F��~���*�["k����;�����x���Ƅ�̿H�b�X��+i=YH�'؛>tzn*�jy���)���D�I�Yu-3�û��? 1. Present simple and present continuous worksheets and online activities. 4. 0000080327 00000 n •Today/tonight •Nowadays •Look! 0000095747 00000 n 0000012469 00000 n For the present continuous, use the verb ‘to be’ and ‘-ing’. 0000008395 00000 n 3. 0000046963 00000 n 0000009240 00000 n An entomologist studies bugs. Present perfect continuous Exercise 2: Read the sentence and choose the one option a - c which best fits the space. Present Continuous for ARRANGEMENTS I'm playing tennis on Thursday evening 1 Fill the gaps with the verbs in brackets using either the present simple or present continuous. Where does Hank live? 0000087232 00000 n Ginger lives in the stable by the house. Present simple/present continuous worksheets Teaching Kids who Canñññt Read? My parents/go to Greece 4. We use the present simple tense when we want to talk about fixed habits or routines – things that don’t change. 0000083152 00000 n ��}4#�\i�ĂI8�!lK�#f�2��������o5���}�j�m�g�U�ƒ'�N�B�Mz�e�c�$�m�WI�-�K�!e[h�&��Ø�eSinV�����f�Q]�ד��Q=�g�Ni�� ��9P��>��"�礫��*���2?�@ZV��'in�_��:Y� uj�s]�tB����&��셽�h銇����D������b��2��T659�6}?�C�jOy��nښD�h)a"Gk�wJ�41j��>�����mU�fZBv�#)�Gx Present Simple & Present Progressive – Lückentext (Schwierigkeit: 3 von 5 – mittel) Setze das Verb in Klammern entweder in das Present Simple oder in das Present Progressive (ing-Form bzw. She speaks/ speak. - … 0000090232 00000 n 0000053982 00000 n 0000077161 00000 n 0000088600 00000 n Bedenke, dass in Fragen im Present Simple das Hilfsverb ‘ to do ’ verwendet werden muss. Where does Ginger live? � �H%**cxD�Q"�D�� 0000009813 00000 n Reading comprehension, grammar, Simple present vs... By rouijel This is an activity designed to deductively teach adult learners how to use the simple present and the present continuous. Use the Simple Past tense. What's the difference between the Present Simple / Present Continuous and how to use them. Present continuous and present simple. He often _____ (come) over for dinner. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA 0000090762 00000 n Benutze für die Lücken keine Kurzformen. 0000082687 00000 n She (speak) four languages very well. Free interactive exercises to practice online or download as pdf to print. 49,181 Downloads . 0000056703 00000 n 0000082885 00000 n Reading Comprehension -simple Present Vs Present Continuous [3no73qyp9eld]. 0000051403 00000 n 0000008442 00000 n 0000079650 00000 n Often it is used after past tenses and with a phrase such as suddenly or all of a sudden: I was sitting in the park, reading a newspaper, when all of a sudden this dog jumps at me. 0000089773 00000 n Visit this page now! 1. 0000009578 00000 n Habits or situations that happen regularly We use the present simple to talk about actions that we do (o we don’t do) regularly: I wash my hair every day. 0000075056 00000 n My father works/ work. (at the time of speaking) Key Words •Always •never •usually •sometimes •often •rarely / seldom •occasionally •frequently •every day / year e.t.c. Reading comprehension, grammar, Simple present vs Present continuous (Use) This is an activity designed to deductively teach adult learners how to use the simple present and the present continuous. Reading (1) - What Do You Know About Giant Pandas. Download full-size image from Pinterest . I (to eat) was eating cornflakes while dad (to read) was reading the newspaper. Present Simple: Present Continuous: Things which are always true: Water boils at 100 degrees. 0000012998 00000 n Past Simple vs Progressive: Exercises 1. Present Simple or Present Continuous? The sun rise s in the east. Reading Comprehension Present Continuous - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. 0000078691 00000 n 0000032483 00000 n 10. 0000008770 00000 n 0000075411 00000 n 0000039921 00000 n I never go … a. is been waiting b. 0000007933 00000 n 8. 0000058506 00000 n 0000009286 00000 n For the present simple, add ‘s’ or ‘es’ for he/she/it. 0000048050 00000 n 0000036155 00000 n Present simple or present continuous? Underline the verbs in the present perfect progressive (I have been playing) and the present perfect (I have played) in different colors. 0000045898 00000 n What does Hank often give Ginger? In fact, his nickname is Doctor Bugs. Watch out for stative verbs. 0000008631 00000 n Puedes hacer los ejercicios online o descargar la ficha como pdf. 0000044778 00000 n My brother play/plays. 0000083558 00000 n Verlaufsform). Ann do/ does her homework. Put the verbs in the correct forms, present continuous or present simple. 0000009193 00000 n 0000040534 00000 n 0000042192 00000 n They answer comprehension questions and respond to questions about themselves using the simple present and present progressive. What _____ (we / have) for dinner tonight? 0000056939 00000 n 6. Present simple vs. present continuous speaking... By ConnyZ This is a guided speaking activity where students talk about routines or things happening right now. Julie _____ (read) in the garden. g bwolin lim g cbin ngnc da i … What does Hank do after long rides? 0000008490 00000 n They can be ideally used as a base context to teach forms and meanings of particular grammar concepts.What’s the purpose of reading activities?You can use reading comprehension worksheets in several ways. 9. 0000008863 00000 n 3. 0000028096 00000 n Simple Present vs Progressive Present Continuous Tense Simple Present Rules Verb Tenses Chart Subject Exercises: Simple Present vs Present Continuous 1 Simple Present vs Present Continuous 2 Simple Present vs Present Continuous 3 Simple Present vs Present Continuous 4 Simple Present vs Present Continuous 5 Simple Past vs Past Continuous: 0000044110 00000 n 0000010189 00000 n 0000038611 00000 n (you/listen) to the radio? Permanent situations (or nearly permanent; true for a few years at least): Julie lives in London. Read the information in the chart below and then write two sentences about each person, one with the Zu den Tests sind immer auch die Lösungen auf einem extra Arbeitsblatt mit dabei. We use the present continuous to talk about actions which are happening at the present moment, but will soon finish. Present Simple and Present Continuous simple and continuous ID: 628375 Language: ... Age: 8-15 Main content: Present simple and present continuous Other contents: reading and writting Add to my workbooks (847) Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom Add to Microsoft Teams Share through Whatsapp : Link to this worksheet: Copy: Raquelgm95 Finish!!