"It's very nice to finally meet you," Augustine tearfully tells Sully, before asking Sully to explain what it's like on K-23. "If you finish the film without the last five minutes, in many ways, it's a film about regret because of the character that I play," he told Digital Spy and other press. The Midnight Sky. For Clooney, he thinks the ending of the movie is hopeful, rather than downbeat. In conjunction with the space storyline, Lofthouse experiences his own emotionally jarring arc when he encounters a child named Iris in his Arctic stronghold, who seems to have been accidentally left behind by the evacuation team. As she does, we see Augustine head outside of the Lake Hazen weather station and imagine what Sully saw, but it's likely just his dying fantasy as he's fulfilled his mission to save his daughter. The Midnight Sky (Netflix), Wednesday. However, the event does not appear to have taken humanity by complete surprise, due to the fact that the reason Aether was in space was to confirm whether one of Jupiter’s moons, K-23, which was discovered by Lofthouse himself, was suitable for human life. George Clooney’s apocalyptic space drama “The Midnight Sky” (streaming now on Netflix) brings an end to the Earth, even as its finale offers a … An ardent fan of cosmic horror and poetic cinema, she enjoys painting, along with reading literary works steeped in morbid nihilism. George Clooney directs and stars in : The Midnight Sky, an epic space drama about a scientist racing to stop a group of astronauts returning home to a very different Earth... and yes I'm already emotional from the trailer.Premiering December 23. After being unable to contact mission control or anyone on Earth for that matter, Sully is able to establish contact with Lofthouse who informs them that there is no Earth to look forward to. The Midnight Sky Trailer. The Midnight Sky reveals that his wife and two sons were evacuated to a shelter, according to the last message Mitchell received from his wife. "When Felicity stands up and she's clearly pregnant, you get the sense of a continuum, that we're going to be OK. We may not get out of all of this alive, but we'll get out of it intact and I think that's what makes it hopeful.". So … "He gets redemption and I think redemption is a really big, important thing that washes over us and gives us hope... That last moment, what makes that all so hopeful and so interesting is that there's David and Felicity and there's the moment of, 'Oh what are we going to do', but there's also the moment of 'OK, let's get to work'. It doesn't seem as though it was a surprise event, as the reason that Aether is in space was to confirm that K-23 (one of Jupiter's moons discovered by Augustine) is suitable for human life. Most of the time, “The Midnight Sky” drifts like space debris between its three settings—shuttle, Arctic, flashbacks—instead of feeling like it's building momentum. Having seen The Midnight Sky earlier in the week, I can vouch for the film being good. Battling a serious illness that requires him to administrate routine blood transfusions, Lofthouse is acutely aware of his numbered days and is keen to make the most of this time in attempting to help out those unaware of the events on Earth. Shortly after Sully first makes contact with Augustine, the Aether encounters a meteor storm that knocks out their radar and communications. Based on Good Morning, Midnight, Lily Brooks-Dalton’s 2016 novel, The Midnight Sky chronicles the tale of a once-ambitious scientist, Augustine Lofthouse (Clooney), whose work centers around researching habitable planets for possible human colonization. Augustine's mission is made more difficult when he discovers a child (Caoilinn Spingall) has been left behind at the observatory, without any hope of a rescue. Coming to Netflix December 23rd. Warning: Spoilers Ahead For The Midnight Sky. However, this turns out to be untrue, as Lofthouse later finds out that he did have a daughter, but despite this knowledge, had chosen not to reach out to her or Jean when he had the time and the opportunity. Netflix has released its final trailer for the movie, featuring a lot of new footage which focuses on the action elements of the story. Où l'adaptation du roman Good Morning, Midnight de Lily Brooks-Dalton, produit par Netflix et pour lequel Clooney jouera aussi les rôles-titres, aux côtés des excellents Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo, Demián Bichir et … A visual of Earth displays its molten, ashen exterior from space, crushing any remnants of hope for the crew of Aether. But what about Iris, the girl that Augustine discovers is left behind at the observatory? Thanks to Denz for adding these lyrics. Further confirmation of this event being worldwide is the fact that Sully (Felicity Jones) has trouble contacting Earth from Aether, including countries like China, Russia, and India. Netflix has dropped the final trailer for George Clooney’s new movie “The Midnight Sky.” The plot of the film , according to Netflix’s PR site , is as follows: This post-apocalyptic tale follows Augustine (George Clooney), a lonely scientist in the Arctic, as he races to stop Sully (Felicity Jones) and her fellow astronauts from returning home to a mysterious global … Merry Christmas! This post-apocalyptic tale … il misterioso finale del film, spiegato La piccola Iris è la compagna silenziosa del protagonista di The Midnight Sky, il film fantascientifico diretto, prodotto e interpretato da George Clooney. While the exact nature of the catastrophe that strikes Earth, leading to its near-extinction is not explicitly spelled out, visual cues hint towards the fact that powerful radiation had caused rapid deaths. 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The Midnight Sky is a tale chronicling the innate human need for connection and comfort, even, and especially during times of duress, and the urgency of making up for lost time with the ones we love. They can't contact Earth, but since they've been away two years, they're unaware this is because of the catastrophic global event. Even with Aether on the way back from K-23, there was set to be a K-23 colony flight on the way there from Earth, as well as supplies. Netflix’s ‘The Midnight Sky’ Final Trailer Has George Clooney Racing to Save Earth 17 hours ago . Bad idea. And then I see the midnight sky Wishing that I'll be The man that you'll touch and see I'll give my love that can't explain We will be running in the rain And I will hold your hand Hold my hand Hold my hand Hold my hand I will hold your hand I will hold your hand Submit Corrections. Watch the final The Midnight Sky trailer below. The biggest mystery it leaves behind is what actually happened to Earth and what was "the event" that caused the end of humanity? So we thought we'd delve into what happens, and what's revealed during The Midnight Sky to explain what's happened. Netflix's The Midnight Sky Final Trailer Has George Clooney Racing to Save Earth. Sully tells him that it was Augustine who got her interested in space as he worked with her mother Jean (Sophie Rundle) who we've seen in flashbacks during the movie. When Augustine does get in touch with Sully later on, he says: "I'm afraid we didn't do a very good job of looking after the place while you were away.". The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. With Sully being pregnant, it is likely that she will be able to ignite a fresh start for humanity on K-23, a planet with crisp air, orange skies, and lush, vibrant foliage. The suggestion is that it was an environmental issue that caused the catastrophe. Alta Mar | Official Trailer | Netflix. "Terminal patient outlives the rest of humanity. Interested in Digital Spy's weekly newsletter? It's clear that life is over on Earth as an early flashback sees the other scientists leave the observatory to go back to their families to spend their final moments together. The 2:48 minute-long footage starts with Clooney and a small girl who is trying to contact a spaceship to provide information about Earth’s condition, following a global disaster. The narrative of The Midnight Sky weaves in a massive twist in which audiences are informed that Sully’s full name is, in fact, Iris Sullivan - through sheer luck, or cosmic harmony, Iris and Lofthouse finally get the chance to find comfort in the other, wherein the former becomes one of the last potential saviors of the human race. Sputnik ending explained: Who is the child? While his health progressively takes a turn for the worse, Lofthouse has one hast conversation with Sully, who reveals that she was inspired by him to join NASA, as her mother Jean had worked with him at some point. Sully is actually Iris Sullivan and she is Augustine's daughter – who he never met as he was too focused on his work when he was younger. It’s like Clooney the director was so concerned about adequately conveying the details of each part of his story that he never broke down the meaning of them or the characters involved. Having turned back on his child once before, Lofthouse decides to go on a search for a bigger antenna in order to establish communication and help the child reunite with her family. George Clooney's latest sci-fi drama, The Midnight Sky, ends with a glimmer of hope in the midst of crisis. This post-apocalyptic tale follows Augustine (George Clooney), a lonely scientist in the Arctic, as he races to stop Sully (Felicity Jones) and her fellow astronauts from returning home to Earth, Daybreak ending explained – what really happened? Whilst they were oblivious, the crew was in extremely high spirits, as their analysis of the planet’s surface pointed to the fact that K-23 was, in fact, habitable. The Midnight Sky, nuovo film di George Clooney, esce su Netflix a ridosso del Natale 2020 – il 23 dicembre, per l’esattezza. Let us know what you think in the comments below. December 23, 2020, 7:00 am Worth Watching: George Clooney's 'Midnight Sky,' 'Buddy's Recovery,' 'Meet Me in St. Louis,' 'Christmas Light' Finale. Here's the ending of the film, explained. Every character in The Midnight Sky, including Lofthouse, is a broken, solitary soul in one way or another, each being denied the luxury of returning to a home or a safe, loving space in the face of crisis. They must travel in the killing snowy conditions. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. They do manage to get communications back up and before Sully talks to Augustine, they get their first devastating look at Earth. It also seems to spoil at least one element of The Midnight Sky's ending, so beware. george clooney. When Sully learns Lofthouse’s identity, she says, “It's very nice to finally meet you,” implying that she is aware of the fact that Lofthouse is her biological father. In The Midnight Sky, the year 2049 marks a mysterious cataclysmic event on Earth that wipes out most of the population, spurring Lofthouse to work in the Arctic in an attempt to warn any space missions about the situation on earth. Also, a series of flashbacks reveal that Lofthouse’s obsession with his research rendered him incapable of forging meaningful bonds, which led to an estrangement of sorts with the woman he was romantically involved with. SHARE. This revelation also unravels the fact that the child Lofthouse encounters is merely a ghost of a faded memory, a mere hallucination, or a manifestation of guilt-filled yearning, which eventually leads to an actual reconciliation, tinging the ending with a ray of hope. For Clooney, he thinks the ending of the movie is hopeful, rather than downbeat. Duration: 02:34 2020-12-12. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Tenet explained: Decoding Nolan's spy thriller, Utopia season 2: Everything you need to know, Jack Dylan Grazer on WRWWR and slapping co-star, Rebecca ending explained by director Ben Wheatley, Saint Maud director explains shocking final shot, Netflix/Okay Goodnight/Skydance Television, DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. Despite its bleak subject matter, The Midnight Sky has been a big hit for Netflix over the festive period, topping the most-watched chart worldwide. The Midnight Sky is now available in theatres and can be streamed on Netflix. Bande annonce VF finale pour The Midnight Sky de George Clooney. The Midnight Sky is a 2020 American science fiction film directed by George Clooney, based on the 2016 novel Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton. final trailer. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Riverdale star's Sightless ending explained. "It is, I feel, quite a profound moment for her that we see and that's what was such a beautiful part of the film, that dynamic between Augustine and Sully and that discovery of that relationship at the end is so incredibly moving.". After they're unexpectedly knocked off course, they have to travel through an unmapped area of space to get back to Earth. A one-stop shop for all things video games. After getting a heartbreaking message from his wife that says his sons are sick (sent 10 days earlier), Mitchell (Kyle Chandler) makes the decision to head back to Earth anyway to "keep a promise" to his family. We don't want to be too bleak because it's Christmas, but we fear the colony flight didn't get to K-23 either as Sully says she "couldn't make contact" with it. George Clooney has a gregarious, outsized personality, especially in his acting.Still, he’s more thoughtful and introspective than you’d think, and a lot of that side of him comes out in his filmmaking. A moving picture adapted from Lily Brooks-Dalton's 2016 novel Good Morning, Midnight, this film follows the last living days/weeks of an astrophysicist whose final mission is to warn a group of astronauts on how unsafe it is to return home.In the first few scenes, fans see a bored, terminally-ill Augustine who seems to not be doing much at the remote facility he's in, except self … Apart from being a published author, Debopriyaa has been writing professionally since 2014, and holds a Master's degree in English Literature and Theory from the University of Delhi. In the past, Lofthouse had chosen his work over Jean, who in turn, had lied about not being pregnant in order for him to be able to move on. 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